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My name is Tina Bowman and I am the owner and sole practitioner at Healing Connections. My career over the last 25 years has been in the healthcare administrative field. In 2006 I decided that I wanted to make changes in my life to help me heal from old traumas and learn how to be happier and at peace with myself. At that time I had a great career with financial security, loving family and friends, and was in good health. From the outside, my life looked great. But on the inside, I was dealing with the effects of years of trauma and childhood abuse that led to many periods of darkness and depression. My journey towards healing involved both Western medicine/doctors/therapists as well as alternative and holistic treatments, teachers, and classes. I have found for me that there can be a benefit to utilizing what Western medicine has to offer and also including more alternative and holistic based treatments. 

In 2009 I experienced my first Reiki session as a client and it had a very powerful effect on me. I had a very emotional reaction that stayed with me for days, and inspired me to learn more. I began to take classes, read books, and learn how to practice Reiki on myself. Practicing self Reiki helped me tremendously through my treatment for breast cancer in 2013. My treatment time was shorter and my recovery time from surgery was much faster than the doctors predicted. I truly believe that Reiki helped me to get through the treatment and move on with my life. While it is not a curative treatment, it served as a complementary therapy to the traditional treatments of chemotherapy and surgery that my doctors prescribed. 

In 2018 I continued on my quest to learn more about holistic and alternative health treatments and became a certified Reiki Master, Level 1 Healing Touch practitioner, and Intuitive Life Coach. Then in 2020 I began training to become a certified Reflexologist and added Reflexology to my services. I am also a certified Self Acceptance Process teacher, and a trained mental health group facilitator. I utilize all of my skills in helping my clients to find inner peace and wellness they are seeking. I see each person as already whole and complete, just as they are. And I am truly grateful for the opportunity to serve. 

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